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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – October turns out to be one of the most violent months of the year in Indianapolis.

The city saw two shootings Wednesday morning. In one of them, the police tell I-Team 8, a driver was shot while driving through a neighborhood, and the victim was taken to hospital in critical condition.

A group of activists say they and the city are fed up with the violence and call for a 72-hour ceasefire.

Robert Booker lives in the far east of Indianapolis. It is planning a neighborhood clean-up around North Post Road and East 42nd Street. Booker lined up seven trucks to haul the garbage. He also plans to feed anyone who shows up to help or just to listen.

“We’re going to have free food for the community. We will have guest speakers, ”Booker said.

Booker is part of the community activist organization called Unity Indy City. The group asks the trigger shooters and those who intend to do violence to lay down their weapons and come and help their neighbors.

“Della B” is one of the founding organizers of this weekend’s ceasefire. “It’s a little hard to tell people to lower their guns, isn’t it?” We went around the communities and asked them, “Hey, put your guns down. ”

“OK, if we put down our guns, what are we going to pick up?” Instead, we blurted it out and said, ‘Come to these events’,’ ‘Della B’ said.

One of the events is a barbecue and block party planned in the Barrington area. Another event is the neighborhood cleanup planned by Anthony Meriweather for an area near East 13th Street and North Sherman Drive.

Meriweather said, “Hey, we’ve come together to stop the violence, stop all of this senseless killings and shootings happening in our community.”

October saw at least 32 homicides. The city saw 33 in July.

This group called Unity City Indy does not receive a crime prevention grant from the city government. Unity City Indy runs on donations. Antonio Lipscomb, a pastor who is one of the organizers of Unity City Indy, says the ceasefire is just a stepping stone to a much bigger problem.

Lipscomb said: “The most important message is that the ceasefire is something that has already been declared, and the person knows they have to do it, but let’s give them a reasoning or an opportunity that she doesn’t pull the trigger. “

A city government spokesperson says he understands that solutions to local violence are not a one-pronged approach, but require everyone to do their part.

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