Find a group of friends who you can suck with.

Justin Kay, 29, surfs Blacks Beach.

Are you a local?

I grew up here, but I live in Chicago now. I am here to visit my family.

What do you like most about surfing?

I like the pleasure of progressing. It’s a technical skill that is a lot of fun the more you get better. It is very precise and subtle due to the differences in technique.

Did it take you a long time to master the surf?

It’s weird when you start surfing, everyone is like, “Go for it! Understand it ‘. My old boss made me go to this surf camp with a coach. We filmed ourselves and analyzed the technique. It was the first time that I really thought about how to move my body to do the right things. Before that, I was like falling apart. I recommand it. In other sports it’s like, yeah man, get a coach but surfing people are like, find out man!

Is it difficult to be in the Midwest far from the ocean?

Yes, but I have surfed the Great Lakes. I surfed on Lake Michigan. It was pretty awesome. I mean, it’s not as good, and there are only five people doing it. Every now and then it’s pretty good, and when it does, it’s amazing! I do this in the fall and winter. I am wearing a 6mm wetsuit. You get ice cubes on your face. It’s totally crazy.

Any advice for beginners?

Find a group of friends who you can suck with. This is how I did it. We all went out and ate shit together.

Do you plan to come back for the surf?

Probably. Either here or in San Francisco.

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