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Easy to execute ideas to earn money immediately

The cases in which a single source of income is insufficient to cover all expenses without being hanged until the end of the month are multiplying.

 Ideas to Implement in Order to Add Some Extra Pesos and Gain Monetary Peace of Mind to Survive the Adjustment

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Buy and sell products

This is one of the easiest alternatives to implement, and that requires not much capital.

The idea is to buy from wholesalers and improve the price for resale. It could be clothes, or some novel articles that you know, could interest your circle of friends, coworkers or relatives.

Gradually you can expand the audience thanks to the famous ” word of mouth “, as an infallible method.

Make and sell products or services

Make and sell products or services

Another alternative is to do something and sell it. They can be meals or crafts; or photograph, draw, paint, sew, write, organize the house, events, decorate, edit videos, fix the garden, design, etc …

In short, it might be time to start monetizing your talents selling products or services.

Start with putting up tempting combos of your services, and present them in a way that solves a problem. In these moments of urgency and lack of time, you will have a good arrival, and you will fall as an alternative to take advantage of.


As an alternative to the previous points, you can also sell your knowledge, teaching your skills.

It can be from a language, some subject, dance, drawing … It is a matter of finding the business to what you like to do.


If you already have a job in a company, and it is what you really like, you could see how to undertake it.

It’s about seeing a business opportunity , of being able to present a new plan to develop, in which the company can grow and at the same time you and your salary too, of course.

This figure of the intrapreneur is one of the new work paradigms that are taking place throughout the world, causing many benefits to both companies and professionals.



If neither starting on your own or within the company where you work attracts your attention too much, one of the simplest things you could do is to join the venture of another person.

You could propose your workforce, sell their products on commission, or help with the dissemination to those friends or acquaintances who opened themselves and need a hand. It’s all about talking and seeing what needs they have and how they can complement each other.

Finally, today, with social networks and hyperconnectivity, entrepreneurship is something much more accessible. Take advantage of all these tools, not only to spread your work but also to learn more about your business and even get allies.

And remember, whatever method you choose to add profits, there is a place where you can acquire that initial capital that you may be missing. Trust Gashika Family and make your new source of income a reality.